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    Over 1, 600,000 people trained in JobWrappers™ since 2002.

  • CME

    Over 80 different programs delivered to thousands of physicians and nurses.

  • Medical Expertise

    Over 75 programs for sales or patient education

Current Offerings


We are proud to have worked with Yingo Yango to develop a platform for delivery of engaging content for employeers and providers.

Cloud Connected Mobile Platform

We link the breath and power of server based systems to the convenience of mobile applications. Let us help you dynamically deliver information specifically tailored to your employees and customers using tools they have with them everyday - smart phones and tablets.


Building on our over decade of delivering compliance content in JobWrappers, QuickCompliance is pleased to provide solutions around various conditions. HealthWrappers deliver the content that a patient needs based on provider input and phase appropriate content.

In order to see the future that our clients envision, we start with where they are now.
So we listen.

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